Present and future.
Your story. 

At Modern Miracle Birth, we know how beautiful and precious every human's story is–past, present and future. We're honored to be part of so many life stories, and welcome you with open arms into ours.


Philosophy of Care

The idea of Holistic Midwifery Care is just that; to see and serve each woman for the individual that she is.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

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Modern Miracle Birth’s midwives also serve the beautiful families of Tondo, Philippines, one of the most impoverished communities in the world. Tondo, also known as the “slums of Manilla”, is an actual landfill, where a half a million people call home. For such a dense population of people, there is only one maternity hospital close enough to offer maternity care to the women of Tondo. Modern Miracle Birth is providing much needed maternity, labor and delivery support for the families of Tondo through our Ina-sa-ina program.